Wednesday, November 30, 2011

You may want to visit your local strip club before naming your baby

As I was reading this funny post (the article it links to is a must-read), I started wondering just how certain names ended up with certain connotations. Are there really hundreds of strippers in the world with names like Candi and Destini? Did some baby name guru create a list of names that would forever be associated with this profession? Regardless where these stereotypes came from, it does provide a pretty funny read. Makes me wonder what my kids' names are associated with...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Toys you may want to avoid this Christmas

Before you go shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, if you have babies or young children you should first view ConnPIRG's annual unsafe toys list Connecticut. The ConnPIRG group does independent safety testing of toys and releases a list each year of toys to avoid due to potential hazards.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Truly a mental health issue or just bad parenting?

Watching the video about a Florida elementary school student makes it hard to believe she could have been an enraged ball of fury to the point of assaulting a police officer and being arrested. Sadly, however, that is the case.( Florida Police Subdue 9-Year-Old Girl With Pepper Spray - ABC News) According to the mother, the child has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and needs to take medication, which she may have missed that day. While many people are quick to fault the police response, I think the entire diagnosis is suspect. It is NOT normal to diagnose such a serious psychiatric disorder in a young child. According to the paperwork provided by the mother on the news, it appears the girl was diagnosed in 2009, when she would have been around 7 years old. Something just doesn't seem right here. Perhaps there is more going on in the household that is causing these behaviors. Or perhaps there is a parenting issue that led this child's mother to search for a cure in the form of medication, instead of in the form of rules, consequences, and discipline. Whatever the reason for this child's outburst, it is clear that the person who diagnosed schizophrenia in a 7 year old child owes all of us an explanation.