Friday, June 22, 2012

I am finally paying attention to a Kardashian

No, I am not trying to keep up with a Kardashian.  I am, however, very excited to see the news that Kourtney Kardashian may be attempting a water birth with her second child.  The 32 year-old is still young enough to connect with the younger crowd of mothers and show them that nontraditional childbirth methods aren't just for granola-eating hippies.  Yes, it is tacky that it may be yet another thing Kris Jenner wants to film it for ratings.  However, I think it is wonderful that she wants to experience such a peaceful form of childbirth.  I am by no means earthy-crunchy or any other stereotype attributed to those who prefer nontraditional births.  With my first child, however, I had everything in place for a water birth attended by midwives at a freestanding birth center.  However, my high blood pressure and worries about my health necessitated an induction in a hospital setting.  By the time I got to the next baby, my husband put his foot down due to his own concerns and I had to give up my dream.  If what Kourtney posted on twitter is true, for once in my life I will say kudos to a Kardashian!