Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Leave Jessica Simpson Alone!

I can't believe the outrage over Jessica Simpson dressing her sweet little 4 month-old baby in a yellow bikini.  It wasn't meant to be inappropriate.  Bikinis on babies and young children are cute and fun.  Nobody is trying to turn their baby into a little hoochie.  The funny thing about all of this controversy is that when I looked back, it turns out that my daughter was 4 months old when I dressed her in her first bikini.  It was a zebra print one from the GAP.  The GAP is not exactly known for its risque attire.  The bikini was cute, we took some adorable pictures in it that serve as a great memory of our first vacation, and I am saving the bikini for a future child.  There is nothing wrong with this.  Get a grip, people! 

This rant is coming from someone who does not agree with much of the little girl clothing that is sold in stores.  I prefer to dress my kid in clothing from Gymboree and similar stores so she still looks like a little girl, rather than buying some of the items I see in other stores that will make her look like a mini-adult.  Clothes that I would have worn to a nightclub in my early 20's don't belong on kids.  A bikini on a baby, though?  It's too cute to be inappropriate!